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A Recognized Leader in Database and Middle-Tier Training Solutions

Expanding our solutions! Trubix has led the industry in leading-edge training solutions in Oracle related technologies for eleven years. Trubix has now begun offering customized training solutions in SQL Server 2005, .NET, C#, and Visual Basic. We continue to be a nationally recognized leader in database server and middle-tier solutions.

Training Delivery Options

Trubix Inc.™ offers multiple training delivery solutions to provide high impact training with maximum flexibility with cost effective solutions. Our delivery options include:

Instructor-Led Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Self-Paced Online Learning (iLearn)

Video Training

The Trubix Training Methodology

  • Innovation - Our goal is to be the most innovative training organization in the industry. We are on the leading edge of training solutions delivery with instructor-led, virtual instructor, video and on-line learning. We are the largest 3rd party provider of Oracle related education materials in the world.
  • Assessing Your Training Needs with Blended Learning - We will work with you to develop a unique learning strategy and solution specific to your organization from a wide selection of delivery solutions.
  • Developing Expert Content - We use the nation's top consultants to develop our courseware and to deliver our training.
  • Utilizing our Industry Experience and Best Practices - We trust you will benefit from our years of experience, training methodology, attention to detail and business approach. We have successfully been delivering training in North America, England and Europe for over eleven years.
  • Cost-effective training - We offer a broad range of leading-edge courses. By customizing a course to meet your specific needs, we will reduce the time required to train your professionals, saving your company both time and money.

Technology Training Solutions
Trubix Inc.™. already has a solution for you! We focus on four enterprise technology areas.

  • ORACLE DATABASE SERVER - Trubix has an in-depth and comprehensive offering of Oracle10g and 11g classes such as RAC, Data guard, Streams, RMAN, OEM, Application Express, and PL/SQL.
  • ORACLE APPLICATION SERVER - Trubix has the best offering or Oracle middle-tier solutions with Oracle10g classes such as Oracle Application Server I and II, Build Corporate Portals, Developing Portlets, Build J2EE Apps, Build Apps with ADF and Develop Web Services.
  • UNIX, LINUX and PROGRAMMING - Trubix offers beginning and advanced Java training solutions as well as classes in C and C++. We deliver beginning and advanced Linux training in Red Hat and SuSE Linux. Trubix offers beginning and advanced Solaris training.
  • MICROSOFT SQL SERVER and .NET - Trubix offers training solutions in SQL Server, .NET, C# and Visual Basic. This includes customized solutions integrating Microsoft and Oracle technologies.

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We also offer fully customized training to suit your special needs.

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