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Oracle10gR2 Server Performance Tuning and Diagnostics          

Duration: 5 days

This class focuses on performance tuning tools and techniques for optimizing the efficiency of an Oracle10g server. An emphasis will be placed on the Oracle Wait Interface and Oracle tuning tools. Students will learn how to generate tuning statistics, evaluate the information and then tune the Oracle database server. Special emphasis will be placed on focusing common tuning solutions on the students “real life” production database experiences. Tuning involves being able to troubleshoot and identify performance bottlenecks and issues. Oracle diagnostics will be covered to build problem resolution skills.


  • Oracle Wait Interface
  • Oracle database server tuning strategies
  • Tuning with wait events
  • Wait event strategies
  • Standard wait events
  • I/O wait events
  • Lock-related wait events
  • Latency-related wait events
  • RAC wait events
  • Diagnostic events
  • Automatic workload repository
  • Compare periods report
  • Oracle10g AWR reports
  • Automatic database Diagnostic Monitor
  • Automatic Optimizer statistics collection
  • Automatic shared memory management
  • Automatic undo retention
  • Usage tracking
  • Server generated alerts
  • Advisory framework
  • Transporting AWR data
  • Direct SGA access for slow systems
  • SQL Tuning Advisor and components
  • SQL Access Advisor
  • Segment Advisor
  • Oracle10g Tuning Advisors
  • Active Session History
  • Dumps and traces
  • Direct SGA access
  • Block integrity checking in memory
  • Tuning the Oracle10g instance area
  • Resizing the shared pool dynamically
  • Tuning the dictionary cache
  • Tuning the library cache
  • Oracle Shared server
  • Tuning for contention and waits in Oracle10gR2
  • Shared server UGA tuning
  • Generating and evaluating statistics using STATSPACK
  • Managing statistics using the DBMS_STATS package
  • Tuning for Oracle Managed Files
  • Minimizing fragmentation
  • Understanding and monitoring hit ratios
  • Tuning undo segments
  • Pinning objects
  • Redo log I/O tuning
  • Tuning file I/O
  • Tuning SQL using explain plan, SQL trace, TKPROF and Autotrace
  • Tuning SQL using V$SQL data dictionary views
  • The Alert log file
  • Working with hints
  • Cost-based optimizer internals
  • Oracle10g cost-based optimization enhancements
  • Tuning the instance and database for multiple block sizes
  • Using OEM to analyze and tune the database
  • Using the OEM Console OMS and the enhanced Intelligent Agent
  • Using the OEM Console as a monitoring and performance tuning tool
  • Setting monitoring events with the OEM Console
  • Configuring the OEM Website
  • The OEM Capacity Planner
  • Using the EM Website as a monitoring and performance tuning tool
  • Using the EM Website as a trending and reporting tool
  • Using UNIX utilities and commands to diagnose performance tuning issues
  • Understanding UNIX Kernel configurations
  • Tuning the UNIX Kernel for use with Oracle
  • Oracle database diagnostics


  • The Oracle10g database administration course or equivalent experience.


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