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Oracle10gAS: Developing Portlets using PL/SQL          

Duration: 2 days

This class will teach students how to extend the functionality of Oracle Portal using PL/SQL. Students will create a Portal, a Portlet Provider and Portlets using the portlet development kit for PL/SQL (PDK-SQL). Topics include passing parameters, portal events, database providers, session management, error processing, security and debugging PL/SQL portlets.


  • The Oracle10gAS Portal architecture.
  • Benefits of Portals
  • Portlet provider
  • Providers and portlets
  • Oracle10gAS Portal Development Kit
  • Deploying Portlets with PL/SQL
  • Understanding Oracle 10gAS and Portlets
  • Framework events
  • Registering and deregistering a Provider
  • Adding portlets to a portal page
  • Rendering a portlet
  • Removing a portlet
  • Creating and managing database providers
  • Managing portlets in PL/SQL packages
  • Portlet methods
  • Portlet show modes
  • Generating provider and portlet PL/SQL packages
  • Defining portlet parameters
  • Working with multiple parameters
  • Scope of portlet parameters
  • Accessing parameter information
  • Apache and mod_plsql
  • Oracle Portal page processing
  • Programming PL/SQL for the Web
  • WebDB and the HTP and HTF packages
  • HTML and PL/SQL
  • WebDB vs. portlets
  • Configuring custom portlets
  • When are coded portlets the best development choice
  • The portlet development lifecycle
  • Database Services vs. Web Services
  • Identifying Portal Development Kits (PDKs): PDK-PL/SQL, PDK-JAVA.
  • Using portlet providers.
  • Publishing portlets through providers
  • Identifying portlet modes
  • Understanding the provider record
  • Using Database Services (PDK-PL/SQL)
  • Creating providers using PL/SQL
  • The PL/SQL Provider API
  • Required provider procedures and functions
  • Installing and registering a provider
  • Understanding the portlet record
  • Identifying the Portlet packages
  • Developing Portlets using PL/SQL
  • Installing portlets in Portal
  • Understanding provider registration flow
  • Registering providers and portlets using PL/SQL
  • Portlet security
  • Security APIs.
  • Web-based authentication
  • Managing access
  • Managing users and groups
  • Access Control List (ACL)
  • Application privileges
  • Providing secured access to portal resources.
  • Security services
  • Session management in Portal
  • Using the PL/SQL Session Context and Session Storage APIs
  • Implementing end-user personalization
  • Using the Preference Storage API
  • Handling Portal Errors
  • Accessing the error stack
  • Customizing error messages
  • Raising exceptions
  • Displaying error messages
  • Logging portlet events
  • Translation services with the National Language API
  • Passing Parameters to Portlets.
  • Developing Web Service providers.
  • Understanding the Web Service architecture.
  • Creating and registering a web provider.
  • Developing portlets using Web Services.
  • Registering the web providers and publishing the portlets.
  • Portlet HTML guidelines.
  • Customizing Portlets


  • Understanding HTML and PL/SQL is required.
  • Attendees need to have taken the Developing Corporate Portals course.


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