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Oracle10g Intro. to XML for Oracle Developers/DBAs          

Duration: 3 days

This course will teach Oracle developers and DBAs the fundamentals of XML and the fundamentals of XML DB in Oracle. Students will learn the different parts of an XML document and how to create XML documents. They learn formatting using XML Stylesheet Language for Transformations (XSLT). Students will learn how to validate their XML documents using Document Type Definition (DTD) and XML Schema. Topics include XPath expressions and XML Namespaces. XML is a key feature in Oracle databases. Students will learn how to use XML with Oracle and the XML Developers Kit, JDeveloper and XSQL pages. Students will learn how to format, query, validate and store their XML documents in an Oracle10g database. Oracle XML DB is lightly introduced.


  • What is XML?
  • Benefits of XML technology
  • XML documents
  • Elements and attributes
  • XML Trees
  • Understanding a well-formed XML document
  • XML and HTTP
  • XSL and XSLT
  • Presentation style
  • XML fundamentals
  • The purpose of Namespaces
  • Syntax for Namespaces
  • XML Namespace prefixes
  • XPath
  • XML editors
  • Oracle10g JDeveloper XML editing
  • Namespaces to Elements and Attributes
  • Validating XML documents
  • What is a DTD
  • Developing a DTD
  • Internal DTD vs. external DTD
  • DTD rules and elements
  • Attribute declarations in DTD
  • Entities in XML
  • Entity references
  • Validating XML against a DTD
  • XML schemas
  • Listing XML schema data types
  • Creating an XML schema
  • A SimpleType
  • A ComplexType
  • Validating XML schema with JDeveloper
  • Elements
  • Simple types
  • Built-in types
  • Named types
  • Complex types
  • Describing XPath
  • Using XPath expressions
  • Using XPath functions
  • Nodeset functions
  • String, number and boolean functions
  • XPath usage in Oracle
  • XPath and XSLT
  • Location path
  • JDeveloper Support for XSLT
  • oraxsl Utility
  • Transforming XML using XSLT
  • Describing XSLT
  • Key XSLT elements
  • Creating templates
  • Sorting and filtering an XML document
  • Stylesheets
  • Code generators
  • DOM parsers
  • SAX parsers
  • What is the Oracle XDK
  • Features of the XDK
  • XDK Components
  • Parsers
  • Class Generators
  • TransX Utility
  • XML SQL Utility
  • XSU and generating an XML schema
  • Using XSQL Pages
  • Customizing XSQL with Attributes
  • XSQL and XSL
  • Setting session Parameters
  • Eating and using cookies
  • Include parameters
  • Include XSQL files and XML files
  • Perform DML with XSQL
  • Introduction to Oracle9i XML DB
  • Oracle XDK components
  • Oracle XML DB
  • The XMLType
  • Understanding XML Schema support
  • The XML Repository
  • Internet Protocol support
  • Versioning
  • Using SQLX Functions
  • XMLElement(), XMLForrest(), XMLSequence(), XMLConcat(), XMLAgg(), XMLColAttVal()
  • Using SQL Functions
  • Storing XML in the Oracle Database
  • Describing XMLType
  • Creating Tables of XMLType
  • XMLType functions
  • Understanding storage options
  • Loading Data into XMLType
  • Querying XML
  • Selecting XML Data from XMLType Tables
  • Using XMLType Member Functions to Query XML Data
  • XMLType storage characteristics
  • Loading data into an XMLType
  • XPath functions
  • ExistsNode(), ExtractValue(), Extract()
  • Searching XML Data Using Oracle Text
  • SQL Operations on XML
  • Transforming XML Using SQL
  • XMLTransform()
  • UpdateXML()
  • existsNode()
  • Validating XML Using SQL
  • CTXXPATH index
  • Indexing CONTAINS expression
  • Oracle Text index
  • Updating XML
  • Creating Indexes on XMLType
  • Accesing XML through URLs
  • DBUri Servlet
  • Applying a style sheet
  • Retrieving a row as XML
  • Retrieving column data
  • Retrieving with multiple predicates
  • Using DBuritypes to access XML


  • Understanding the fundamentals of SQL Programming in Oracle is required.

  • This is a very intense programming class. Strong Oracle development experience is recommended but not required.


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